Useful properties of Meltwater:

  • serves as a natural energy,

  • renews the intercellular fluid,

  • improves all cells function,

  • restores self-regulation,

  • improves metabolism.


Drinking natural water "Slavyanochka" is a unique gift of the untouched nature of the Caucasus.
Mined in the specially protected eco-resort zone of Arkhyz.
Has a unique balanced structure, ideally suited for the composition of the human body.


It is known that the baby's body consists of water by 90%, so it is especially important to choose the water for feeding the newborn correctly.
Children's water " Nasha nyanya" is a drinking water, created specifically for children from the first day of life. It is safe and does not require boiling, so it is ideal for baby food and breeding dry formulas.
Helps the better vitamins absorption.


Drinking natural water "Tau-Su" originates at the snow peaks and eternal glaciers of the Main Caucasian ridge.
Mountain water, slowly seeping through the millennial sedimentations, is subjected to the most natural filtration, thereby forming large underground reserves of cristally clear drinking water.

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