Mineral natural drinking therapeutic-table sparkling water “Zapovednic zdorov'ya No. 4”:

  • Refers to the group of chloride-hydrocarbonate sodium boric (chloride-hydrocarbonate sodium) mineral waters;

  • Has a medium level of mineralization from 6.0 to 10.0 g/l;

  • Has a complex therapeutic effect on all human organs and systems;

  • Produced in accordance with TU / SRT: the well 49 of the Nagut deposit.

Logistics information
Volume (l)
Chem. well No. composition
Basic ionic composition (mg / l):
HCO3-: 3400 - 4800
Cl-: 1300 - 2000
SO42-: < 25
((Na+ + K+): 2000 - 3000
Ca2+: <150
Mg2+: <100
Mineralization (g / l): 4,0 - 7,5
Natural sediment of mineral salts is allowed
Basic ionic composition (mg / l):
HCO3-: 3500 - 5500
Cl-: 500 - 1500
SO42-: 100-350
(Na+ + K+): 1700 - 2700
Ca2+: <150
Mg2+: <100
Mineralization (g / l): 6,0 - 10,0
Biologically active components (mg / l) (H3BO3): 30-60
Natural sediment of mineral salts is allowed
The indications for use of the "Zapovednik zdorov'ya No. 4" therapeutic-table mineral water
The esophagus diseases
Violation of the digestive system after surgery for gastric ulcer, postcholecystectomy syndromes
The metabolism diseases: diabetes, obesity, salt and lipid metabolism violation
Liver, gallbladder and bile ducts diseases
Chronic gastritis with normal and increased stomach secretory function
Stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer
The urinary tract diseases
The pancreas diseases
The intestine diseases
Working hours:
Mn-Fr: 8:00 - 17:00
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