«Talaya» – premium class water.

"Talaya" – the new premium trade mark.

It’s known that all the nations have a special attitude to the thawed water since the ancient times. It occupies a central place in the ethnoscience. There are good reasons to consider thawed water as a pledge of longevity of the mountainous regions inhabitants. For the preparation of bottled water "Talaya", advanced water treatment technologies are used, including the stages of purification, freezing and thawing. In the technology of melt water treatment, along with the standard filtering processes, additional purification from "heavy" elements (Phase I) is applied: removal of the "first" ice formed after the preliminary water cooling. After additional water purification as a result of the ice thickness formation, the process of structuring takes place (Phase II). This fraction has the regular crystal structure and is the purest one. After the process of ice melting (Phase III), implemented at a temperature of not higher than 5 ° C, follows the pouring of melt water into glass bottles of the original design in volume 0.25 and 0.5 liters. (VI Phase).

Logistics information
Volume (l)
Natural drinking water "Talaya"
Perfectly suited to maintain optimal water and mineral balance
Normalizes the digestive system
Helps to excrete toxins
Increases immunity
Helps to reduce weight
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