Drinking water "TAU-SU" is a drinking water of glacial origin, bottled in the specially protected, ecological and health resort region of the Caucasus Mineral Waters.

Drinking natural water "Tau-Su" originates at the snow peaks and eternal glaciers of the Main Caucasian ridge.

Mountain water, slowly seeping through the millennial sedimentations, is subjected to the most natural filtration, thereby forming large underground reserves of crystal clear mountain water.

The composition of "Tau-Su" drinking water helps to improve the body vital functions, increases immunity, helps to eliminate toxins, normalizes the digestive system, and helps to reduce weight. The water is perfect for daily use and various dishes preparation. Tea and coffee, brewed on such water, retain all the taste qualities of the drink.

Logistics information
Volume (l)
Natural drinking water "TAU-SU"
Perfectly suited to maintain optimal water and mineral balance
Normalizes the digestive system
Helps to excrete toxins
Increases immunity
Helps to reduce weight
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