Why is it necessary to drink?

"It cannot be said that water is necessary for life: it is life," Saint Exupery said about this liquid, which we use without particularly thinking about.

Do you know that water is the most valuable product for a person, and that our body consists of water by 60-70% (for an embryo in the fifth month - by 94%)?

Water delivers nutrients (vitamins, mineral salts, etc.) to the cells of the body and carries waste of life. It is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day to provide the body with sufficient thermal stability and don’t lose more than 15% of the water contained in it: otherwise the body faces dehydration.

Water as a chemical and physical object.

Water is a hydrogen oxide.

The surface of the Earth, occupied by water, is 2.5 times larger than the land surface.

There is no clean water in nature - it always contains impurities.

The pure water is obtained by distillation.

Purified water is called distillated.

Water composition (by weight): 11.19% hydrogen and 88.81% oxygen.

What determines the taste of water?

The increased content of sulphates gives the water a bitterish taste, chlorides - a salty taste, iron and manganese - an inky, ferrous taste.

Water has the most refreshing effect at a temperature of 7-11 °C.

At a water temperature above 15 ° C, its flavor properties decrease, and it badly quenches thirst.

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