The water we bottling is obtained in ecologically clean corners of the North Caucasus. Our company produces drinking, mineral, therapeutic, therapeutic-table waters, functional and non-alcoholic drinks.

Drinking water
Water is the source of life! Our company guarantees the excellent quality of the unique natural drinking water.
Soft drinks
Our company's soft drinks are: the excellent quality; glacial water; natural ingredients; wide range of taste.
Therapeutic-table water
Due to their qualities, the therapeuticl-table water can be used both for prevention and the gastrointestinal tract diseases, metabolic diseases, liver, bile ducts, gall bladder, pancreas, urinary tract diseases treatment.
Therapeutic water
Therapeutic mineral waters are intended for the gastrointestinal tract, chronic liver, gall bladder diseases, obesity, diabetes  treatment. They have complex solutions for various functional systems of the body.
From India and Ceylon with love.
Natural coffee.
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