Mineral natural drinking therapeutic sparkling water “World Health No. 17”:

  • Refers to the group of chloride-hydrocarbonate sodium boric mineral waters;
  • Has a high level of mineralization from 10,0 to 18,5 g/l;
  • Has an increased content of silicic acid, bromine and iodine, as well as a pleasant tart taste;
  • Has a complex therapeutic effect on the human body;

Logistics information
Volume (l)
Chem. well No. composition
Basic ionic composition (mg/l):
HCO3-: 5000 - 7000
Cl-: 1200 - 2200
SO42-: < 150
(Na+ + K+): 2700 - 3700
Ca2+: < 150
Mg2+: <150
Mineralization (g/l): 9,5 - 13,5
Biologically active components (mg/l) (H3BO3): 30-80
Natural sediment of mineral salts is allowed
Basic ionic composition (mg/l):
HCO3-: 6000 - 8000
Cl-: 2200 - 4200
SO42-: <50
(Na+ + K+): 3200 - 6000
Ca2+: <200
Mg2+: <300
Mineralization (g/l): 12,0 - 18,5
Biologically active components (mg/l) (H3BO3): 10-80
Natural sediment of mineral salts is allowed
The indications for use of the "World Health No.17" therapeutic mineral water
The metabolism diseases: diabetes, obesity, salt and lipid metabolism violation
Liver, gallbladder and bile ducts diseases
Chronic gastritis with normal and increased stomach secretory function
The pancreas diseases
The intestine diseases
Working hours:
Mn-Fr: 8:00 - 17:00
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